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 Guruji said, "Make information available. Let people take it or leave it, think it is true or false. All that matters is: Are you convinced that this is the way? Let people judge you as they think fit.
Tell them 'Come here if you like. Don't come if you don't like. Only try to see for yourself. Don't blindly accept what others say.'"

And also ,  "I think 95% of learning can be done from your home by yourself with the help of videos and document files. You can post your questions answered also by internet. You are going to need help really in the last mile from a living guru. The highest transmission happens in total silence."


1. Your body is the real temple in which Mother Goddess lives as life
2. Every part of your body made by the Goddess
holds hidden powers that can be brought out through rituals and meditations
involving effort and relaxation
3. Thereby Goddess helps you to gain knowledge of, gather implements, and manifest the future of your dreamspretty much as you like, rewriting destiny if necessary.

If you make these ideas a part of your mindset, then the magic starts happening. The real Devipuram is your body, and Devi manifests from there.

...As Bala Tripurasundari, in the form Maha Saraswati, Devi initiated me into Shri Vidya. As Hladini Shakti - Radha - She interacted with me and taught me some on the Krishna Tattwas. As Shakti Swaroopini - Kamakhya - She has been the Yoni of Devipuram from which Devipuram has manifested. Now She wants to manifest another Devipuram. This Devipuram is not a material place, somewhere near Anakapalle in the Andhra Pradesh, but where Devi lives is a Devipuram. In everyone of your hearts She wants to come and stay and manifest.

..I am not working on a human timeline. My job is to sow the seed. If it germinates within two months, good; if it germinates after 2,000 years, that’s also good. My job is simply to sow the seed; let her take care of the rest in her own sweet time


We believe that Tantra releases traumas coming from suppression, neurotic psycho-somatic disorders, and make for a positive outlook on life. Tantra is universally needed to release floodgates of creativity. But the orthodoxy rigidly imposes that not one word can be changed, not one minute can be saved. The attitude is “take it or leave it. Dire consequences will follow if you violate this rule, incurring wrath of the Guru”. Unfortunately this attitude has done more harm than good in many ways. The Sri Chakra Tantra takes six to 8 hours. Lot of work goes into preparation of specific food offerings. Women who ought to be worshipped are tied up in this work. The real naivedyam of offering pleasure to Goddess is forgotten. Puja just becomes a long, difficult to learn, boring, and sometimes at the end a glorified drinking party. In these modern days, young people are counting seconds, not even minutes: their lives are indeed very short of time. The learning curves are very steep. The genuine teachers are very difficult to even talk to. Our insistence on orthodoxy is thus rejecting 99% of young generation from getting the benefits of tantra. We simply can’t afford to lose the 99% of college going youth if we want to spread the Tantras and to make an impact on society.


God and religion is not to be studied or excessively talked about - rather experienced and realized. Religion is unique for all - don't conform to one's views, rather make your own and realize the power of the almighty on a path that you feel is right. God is energy, God is life, God is Love, God is happiness


So I had couple of goals:

- without hiding to make information available; to bring all the instructions of Guruji, even those that contained things which can be unpleasant to "moral authorities". Too often I saw that people are "cutting off" things that they do not like in the instructions of Guruji. Guruji is Kaula Avadhuta  and all attempts to make him a follower of Samaya Sri Vidya is just self-deception and wishful thinking. Another thing that I want to tell is that Guruji is Amriteshvar Bhairava.

That means that Still He is Bhairava with all the consequences.  One thing - seeing the rope, assume that it is a snake, another thing - to play with a snake, thinking that it is a rope. Some people tend to think that Guruji is a sort of "sweet Santa Claus" (often heard such address to him), but as I realized that such attitude towards Guruji is suicidal. The fact that Guruji without anger tolerated aparadhas of his followers is just a manifestation of His endless compassion.  (from "Goddess and Guru": "Guruji in the 1980s was a formidable, even slightly intimidating figure with a powerful, focused gaze that hinted at an intensity, passion and force of will that he rarely displayed in later years. By the early 2000s, Guruji was projecting a much warmer, more grandfatherly personality, becoming almost disarmingly casual and approachable").
-  to help saral sadhakas to learn things by themselves, to get knowledge with a resulting recognition that a real Devipuram is not a mere location in the Andhra Pradesh, but their own bodies. Guruji supported an idea that most part of studying process can be done via internet by own effort so my hope that this blog will help to get the highest transmission

- to try to stop the trend of commercialization and desire of some people to earn money on the name of Guruji  and to provide as much information as possible without asking even a coin for it. (from "Goddess and Guru" (which is, ironically, copyrighted and was arranged huge commercial compain for collecting funds prior to publication): "Guruji, however, strongly objected to the idea of commercial publication—primarily on the grounds that he claimed no intellectual ownership of his writings and ideas. He was, he explained, a mere conduit for the Goddess’s wisdom: it was her work, not his. He had simply written or said whatever she put into his head—so how could he, in good conscience, presume to copyright that material? “The Goddess doesn’t copyright the water we drink or the air we breathe,” he told me. “If she did, what would become of us?”"

If my efforts will help at least one person to get a bit closer to Goddess, then what I have done is not in vain!

Vira Chandra 

(From Shivastotravali of acharya Utpaladeva):

mahatām amareśa pūjyamāno 'py aniśaṃ tiṣṭhasi pūjakaikarūpaḥ |
bahirantarapīha dṛśyamānaḥ sphurasi draṣṭṛśarīra eva śaśvat || 4.25

O Lord of the Gods!  (O Guruji!)
You are an object of incessant worship
By the great ones!
But are yourself a worshiper (me)
Here in this world!
You are an object of vision
From both within and without!
But are yourself a seer!

praharṣād vātha śokād vā yadi kuṅyād dhaṭād api |
bāhyād athāntarād bhāvāt prakaṭībhava me prabho || 5.10

Whether through immense joy or through anguish!
Whether from on a wall or in an earthen jug!
Whether from external objects or from within!
Reveal yourself to me, O Lord!

antarbhakticamatkāracarvaṇāmīlitekṣaṇaḥ |
namo mahyaṃ śivāyeti pūjayam syāṃ tṛṇāny api || 5.15

With eyes not closed!
Having tasted the joy of inner love!
Let me worship even pieces of straw as,
“Homage to Siva, my own self and Consciousness!"

api labdhabhavadbhāvaḥ svātmollāsamayaṃ jagat |
paśyan bhaktirasābhogair bhaveyam aviyojitaḥ || 5.16

Even after having attained union with You!
Realizing the Universe as my own Glory!
Let me not part with the joy
Of the spirit of devotion!

nivasan-paramāmṛtābdhimadhye bhavadarcāvidhimātramagnacittaḥ |
sakalaṃ janavṛttam ācareyaṃ rasayan sarvata eva kiñcanāpi || 18.13


Dwelling in the ocean of supreme bliss.
With mind absorbed only in your worship!
Let me engage in worldly mundane affairs,
Savouring the ineffable in everything!

lokavadbhavatu me viṣayeṣu sphīta eva bhagavanparitarṣaḥ |
kevalaṃ tava śarīratayaitān lokayeyam aham astavikalpaḥ || 8.3

May my desire for the objects of the senses be intense
O Blessed One, like that of all other men!
But may I see them as though they were my own body
With the thought of differentiation gone!

bhaktimadajanitavibhramavaśena paśyeyam avikalaṃ karaṇaiḥ |
śivamayam akhilaṃ lokaṃ kriyāś ca pūjāmayī sakalāḥ || 7.8

With the restless joy
Born of the rapture of devotion!
May I perceive, entirely through the senses!
The whole world in the form of Siva
And every action to consist of worship!

śuṣkakaṃ maiva siddheya maiva mucyeya vāpi tu |
svādiṣṭhaparakāṣṭāptatvadbhaktirasanirbharaḥ || 16.4

Let me delight in the sweet, sublime
Bliss of your devotion!
Leaving behind not only insipid siddhis
But liberation itself!

bhaktikṣīvo 'pi kupyeyaṃ bhavāyānuśayīya ca |
tathā haseyaṃ udyāṃ ca raṭeyaṃ ca śivety alam || 16.7

Let me be enraged and yet
Compassionate toward the world!
And thus in the madness of devotion
May I laugh and weep and chant "Siva!!!",

guhye bhaktiḥ pare bhaktir bhaktir viśvamaheśvare |
tvayi śambhau śive deva bhaktir nāma kim apy || 16.24

May there be devotion to you!
As the Secret One, as the Transcendent One!
As Lord of the Universe!
As Sambhu! as Siva!
As the Celestial One!
Ah, how indeed could I ever express it?!


bhaktir bhaktiḥ pare bhaktir bhaktir nāma samutkaṭā |
tāraṃ viraumi yat tīvrā bhaktir me 'stu paraṃ tvayi || 16.25

Devotion! devotion!! devotion!!!
To the Transcendent One!
Ardent devotion!
This is why I cry and clamor!
Let me have ardent devotion for you!!!
Only you...

anantānandasarasī devī priyatamā yathā |
aviyuktāsti te tadvad ekā tvadbhaktir astu me || 1.9

Just as Devi,
Your most beloved, endless pool of bliss,
Is inseparable from you!
So may your devotion alone
Be inseparable from me!

pānāśanaprasādhanasambhuktasamastaviśvayā śivayā |
pralayotsavasarabhasayā dṛḍham upagūḍhaṃ śivaṃ vande || 16.29

I honor Siva [Guruji] who
During the festival of the world’s dissolution
Is passionately and intensely held by SivA! (Devi Kamakhya!)
Through whom the whole universe is enjoyed!
By means of drinking, eating, and embellishments! 


satataṃ tvatpadābhyarcāsudhāpānamahotsavaḥ |
tvatprasādaikasamprāptihetur me nātha kalpatām || 17.18

May I experience the endless joy, O Natha!
Of drinking the nectar of the worship of your feet:
The only means to receive your grace!!!

ka-e-ī-la-hrīṁ amṛta

ha-sa-ka-ha-la-hrīṁ ānanda

sa-ka-la-hrīṁ janani

Monday, November 7, 2016

Last message & Viraja Homam

From last week I am in living an ocean of utter creativity of silent visions. And totally silent even if galaxies are colliding or being created! There is no way I can describe the visions. I feel I am dreaming when I am in the waking state. This waking state is not me.

The real me is totally mad and totally creative. I see no violence in that, thank God. I am experiencing some mad state. I know it is totally incommunicable, but will try nevertheless.
I know, when the saint of Simhachalam blessed my Guru Svaprakashnanda rubbing his head and saying "pichi pichi pichi, mad, mad,mad" I used to wonder what it was. Was it a deeksha or what? Now I understand what it meant.
There are two states. Being and becoming. Being is what you are. It is called now. This is continuous. Becoming is creating time by chaning me.
Becoming is what you are not. It can be sudden or continuous. It can be anything. Blazing lights, galaxies, stars, earths, oceans, people, animals, worms.
Smallest to biggest. That is ever changing. In this state you are seeing yourself as other than you. This is the creative part.

Whatever you are seeing is spinning out of your current being, controlled in part by your giving it an intention, a direction. Another part is spontaneous, not created by you. This is the much bigger part.
Records of all happenings are set in scrolls, mostly in Sanskrit. If you can access a particular region of gravity, space and time of total five dimensions, you can retrieve such information. You can see yourself at different ages, before births into the past. I can read the Sanskrit. But they are written so fast, and so voluminous, I just cant remember them. Except a few headings here and there. Some of them change as I try to read them too.

I am enjoying my madness. That is the real me. This world, my role in it, gender, caste, name, fame, money, power, status, goals mean nothing. That goes for Manidveepam as well.
This world, my role in it, gender, caste, name, fame, money, power, status, goals mean nothing.
I am myself. That is the most important fact. I am also understanding the futility of asking for the power of making others see what I see. By the time I get into the others trough my will, the visions have changed infinitely. And it never repeats. So what is the point?
They will always be my visions, whoever I happen to be.

At least is there a mantra, yantra, tantra or any process which can give such experiences? No. It is Her choice. By Her I mean the part of me which becomes what I see through my intention.
Language is so inadequate. When I pray, I am in my dream world, not my real world. So prayer is useless.

Sorry to bother you with my raving and ranting. You are one person with whom I can share my madness.

Viraja Homam

Viraja Homam is a core and very important component of the Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja. Its significance can be gauged from the following conversation Guruji had with one of his disciples who was plagued with personal problems –

Disciple – “Guruji, there are so many problems in my life that I simply feel down and out. I sometimes wonder if life is even worth living any more. Everyday I have to somehow literally pick myself up to do things. I have no motivation to live whatsoever. What should I do?”

Guruji – “Doing Navavarana Puja can be very helpful. It will help rejuvenate you physically, mentally and astrally.”

Disciple – “Guruji, I don’t have the energy or the will to sit down for 2 hours to do an elaborate puja. I am finding it difficult to even survive!”

Guruji – “I understand. I recommend you do the Viraja Homam daily. It is the single most important part of the Navavarana Puja. It will help you to reconnect with Devi both inside and outside. It will re-energize your astral body immensely. By daily practice of the Viraja Homam, you will let go of your physical and mental maladies, and fill yourself at all levels by the Amritam or divine nectar. This state of divinity is always within us but our limited vision prevents us from experiencing it. Viraja Homam removes these limitations by an internal sacrifice where we witness the transmutation of our limited self into the unassailable peace of the divine Self. You will be a floating bubble of peace unaffected by the turbulence of life. My blessings are with you.” 

Conversation between a spiritual father and son

Guruji: My dear friends,
I wish to write a few lines as a conversation between a spiritual father F and son S.

S: What is my relationship to you?

F: None, really. You are given by Siva and Shakti to me. Mom and I happen to be your trustees.

S: What is your role then?

F: Same as that of a trustee. To help you mature from beast to human to divine being.

S: What is the purpose?

F: As far as I know, it is just a game. We are playing roles in a drama.

S: If I decide to be a bad guy?

F: That is your choice. Who am I to say no?

S: You won't correct me?

F: No.

S: Why not?

F: I choose to support your decision.

If you choose to play the role of a bad guy, I will support you to be a very good at that.

S: What is your message to me?

F: Do as you like. Find out who you are.

S: Wont you help me find out?

F: Of course I will. Here is a hint. You are much bigger than who you think you are.

You are the creator of the universe.

S: How can that be? The world is very big, ten to the power of 48 times my size.

F: It is.

 [Original full-scale image - link ]

S: How can the small create the big?

F: Small and big are illusions.

S: How so?

F: Let me ask you a question, for a change. Where was this world before you were born?

S: I dont know.

F: Where will it be after you die?

S: ditto.

F: Ok. Could it be that the world you see exists only in your mind?

S: Possible.

F: Then you are its creator because it exists only in your mind?

S: Possible. But...

F: But what?

S: I am so small, the world is so big...

F: Now, now. Haven't we agreed that small and big are illusions?

S: May be, but they are are real to me.

F: Why?

S: If I am the creator, the world should obey me. But it does not. I feel powerless to control it.

F: Mom and I created you. Do you listen to us and obey?

S: Why should I obey you?

F: Then why should the world you created obey you?

S: But I have a separate life of my own.

F: Exactly. The world you created does not obey you, because it has a life of its own.

S: You are tricking me with words.

F: Yes I am.

S: Give me an experience of being the whole world.

F: I cant give you that experience, but I can tell you how to get one.

S: Fair enough.

F: This is going to be a little long. You have patience to listen now?

S: Willing.

F: You are familiar with three states of you being: awake, dreaming and sleep. When awake, you can know and act. Time is flowing continuously. When dreaming, you know but cant act. Time is going in jumps. When asleep, you cant know, cant act. Time also sleeps. Time is like space. Life is its property, like energy-matter. Time arranges things. Things without life moves things to disorder, bad acts. Things with life move towards order, good acts. Time moves forward, towards more disorder. Life makes time move backward, to more order. Are you with me still?

S: Sure.

F: Good. Time is father, Life is mother.

Time is Siva, Life is Power, Shakti. OK?

S: May be. (Starts yawning).

F: Understand Shakti to go to the source, the state of perfect order when there is only one thing;
you may call it Shivashakti. What is in a name? You could call it Siva, you could call it Shakti;
both are same.

S: What does all this have to do with my experiencing my bigger self?

F: I am coming to that. I told you about awake, dreaming and sleeping right?

S: Yes, may be.

F: But I did not tell you about waking dream, and waking sleep did I?

S: No.

F: Waking dream is when you are manifesting an imaginary world. Because you are awake, you
have control over your dream, you can redirect it the way you want. Lucid dreaming manifests.
Waking sleep has two parts.
1.Thinking in words (memory or mind) is absent, feeling body movements is present. This is
called yoga.
2. The other part is when both words and feelings are absent, but consciousness alone is. This
is the pure witness state. This is called Samadhi.

S: Can you please summarise all this?

F: Sure. The way to Samadhi consists of three steps.
1. Yoga Nidra (conscious dream, astral interactions)
2. Nata Nidra ( conscious feeling, dyamic meditation of Nataraja)
3. Samadhi (pure consciousness when no object is visible, antarmukha witness)

S: Good. But why is the pure consciousness state important?

F: Because you are the witness of your self. Ask the question: who is your witness? The answer is, the world. So, when you are the world, you are identifying with the world.

S: I am the creator state?

F: Yes. Then it is true to say that. Then the world obeys you, because you are everywhere, at all times, and in all energies ( including matter). Because you exist at all times, you become deathless.

S: So, when the world does not obey me, I am saying that I am different from the world, separated from it, and the world obeys me, agreeing with me that it is separate. What does all this have to do with Sri Chakra?

F: I have been talking about the first three enclosures, the square-waking awareness, 16petals-dreaming imagining awarenss, 8 petals-sleeping unconsciuosness. The inner circle has to be approached through putting thinking mind to sleep, and feeling mind to sleep, putting both to sleep, just abiding in a pure consciousness. Then you enter the world state, and then the energies making this world, the trinity and beyond. All this is Sri Chakra.

S: Is there some course on achieving "I am creator" state of Samadhi?

F: Sure. Pray to Shakti to reveal Her secrets and be your comanion-mentor-guide-guru. She will surely help you. If your compassionate mother doesn't help you, who will?

S: What about science?

F: All science is Mother, Saraswati. She can teach you. Love and Nature are also your Mothers. They can also mentor you. Shiva dances because Shakti gives him life.

S: One final question. If I choose to be good, will you help me?

F: What more can I ask for?
May Shiva and Shakti dance in the atirudra yagam conducted in a grand style by S.

Visakhapatnam, 6 Mar 2010


Beneath an article of Guruji I want to add words of Kamalakara Mishra, that  can deepen the understanding of the words of Guruji: 

Moksha, or mukti, has two meanings — a negative meaning and a positive one. The negative meaning of moksa is the freedom from impurity (ajñāna or māyā). This is suggested by the literal meaning of the word mukti. The word mukti, or moksa, literally means “release,” “freeing,” or “unbinding.” As we have already seen, the soul is in bondage — the bondage of ignorance, or māyā — that obstructs the real nature of the soul. Moksa is the release or freedom from the bondage of ignorance. The soul is bound by limitations and moksa is freedom from limitations. It is not that one becomes free from some limitations for some time under some conditions; one becomes free from all limitations for all time under all conditions. [tasmānmukto’ pyavacchedādavacchedāntarasthiteh/ amukta eva, muktastu sarvāvacchedavarjitah// Tantraloka 1.34]  Moksa is not relative freedom but absolute freedom.

Since moksa is understood as release from something — ignorance or impurity — it follows that moksa is a negative attainment. We lose something in moksa, but what do we gain? We gain our own real nature that was hitherto obstructed. [mokso hi nāma naivānyah svarūpaprathanam hi sah.  - Moksa or liberation is nothing else but the awareness of one's true nature. Tantraloka 1.156]

When we clean a piece of cloth, cleaning is certainly a negative process — we separate the dirt from the cloth and we do not add anything to the cloth. But the negative process of cleaning leads to the positive attainment of the real nature of the cloth, which is clean in and of itself. We do not add cleanliness to the cloth. The cloth is clean by its very nature; that clean nature was only obstructed. Now that the dirt is removed, the cleanliness of the cloth comes to the fore. Or, to use another analogy, when a lion is released from captivity, it is not true that when it was in the bound state it was a goat and only when it is freed does it become a lion. The lion was already a lion, but its “lionness” was not in evidence as it was caged. Once it is freed from the cage, it becomes what it already really was.

Similarly, in moksa we become what we really are. Our real nature was obscured and now that the obstruction is cleared away, we attain our real nature. Moksa is thus also a positive attainment — the attainment of our real nature. Of course, this is not the attainment of a new thing; it is the “getting of the gotten’’ (prāptasya prāptih). [apravarititapūrvo’ tra kevalam mūdhatāvaśāt, śaktiprakāśaneśādivyavahārah pravartyate. Iswara Pratyabhijna Karika 2.3.17]  This paradoxical statement is not a tautology; it means that the Self that we attain in moksa is already there; it is not a new thing. In this sense moksa is the “getting of the gotten.’’ But the Self was previously obscured, and we have come to realize it only now; in this sense it is a new event. The Self, or Consciousness, was very much present, but its powers were blunted, just as in the case of a lion in a cage. So it is only when Consciousness is released from captivity that its powers are revealed, just as the powers of the lion come to the fore only when it comes out of the cage. The thing that is attained is thus already there, but the attainment itself is a new thing.
All the systems of Indian philosophy that accept moksa accept both the negative and positive meanings of moksa, namely

 (a) moksa is freedom from bondage and
 (b) moksa is the attainment of one’s own real nature.

All the systems are thus in agreement with regard to the meaning of moksa as the attainment of the real nature of the soul or self. But what is the real nature of the self or soul? It is here that the differences among the systems of philosophy start. The conception of moksa in a particular system depends upon the conception of the real nature of the soul accepted in that system. We find in the systems of Indian philosophy a hierarchical understanding of the real nature of the soul.

In Vaiśesika, the nature of the soul is only existence (sat); the soul exists but it has no knowledge, no activity, no pleasure, no pain. These are the accidental qualities of the soul. They naturally disappear in the state of moksa, as they are not part and parcel of the soul. In the state of moksa, as conceived by Vaiśesika, one virtually becomes like a stone, as one is devoid even of knowledge. The moksa of Vaiśesika is viewed by the other systems as a disvalue, and is also ridiculed by some of them. A Vaisnava bhakta, for example, says, “I would rather forego moksa, and accept being bom as a jackal in the forest of Vrindāvana (hallowed by the presense of Krsna) than pray for the mukti of Vaiśesika.
- varaṁ vṛndāvane ramye śṛgālatvaṁ vṛṇomy aham | vaiśeṣikokta-mokṣāt tu sukha-leśa-vivarjitāt  ||

In Sāmkhya, however, we find an improvement upon the Vaiśesika position with regard to moksa. According to Sāmkhya, the nature of the soul (purusa) is both sat (being) and cit (knowledge), and thus the state of moksa is a state of knowledge. But here, too, the soul is devoid of joy (sukba or ānanda) and activity, as these are the qualities of matter (prakrti). In moksa (or kaivalya, as it is called in Sāmkhya) the soul (purusa) remains a seer or knower and not a doer; it is also devoid of bliss, as bliss goes with prakrti, from which the purusa is completely dissociated in moksa.

Vedānta moves a step further and declares that the real nature of the self (soul or purusa) is not only sat (“existence”) and cit (“knowledge” or “illumination”), but also ānanda (“joy” or “bliss”). Brahman, which is the real nature of the self, is sat-cit-ānanda. This idea is fully developed in Advaita Vedānta. According to Advaita Vedānta, one becomes sat-cit-ānanda in the state of mukti. But there, too, as in Sāmkhya, the liberated soul remains inactive (niskriyā). There is no activity in the real nature of the Self, activity being relegated to māyā, which is transcended in moksa.

Kashmiri Tantra [and hence Sri Vidya] , as we have seen, accepts as the nature of the Self not only sat-cit-ānanda but also activity (kriyā, vimarśa, spanda, śakti, or svātantrya). This is spontaneous activity freely arising out of the fullness of the Self. Since freedom or activity (svātantrya) is the very nature of the Self, the liberated person is vibrant with joyful activity.

Bondage is a state of the forgetfulness of our real nature. This forgetfulness did not begin at a particular point in time; it is beginninglessly present with the existence of the individual soul, as if the soul were bom blind. Since bondage is the forgetfulness of our real nature, moksa, naturally, is the state of remembrance of the same. Abhinavagupta says, “The enlightenment (prakāśa) that dawns in the state of moksa is like the remembering of a forgotten wealth, and the forgotten wealth is the state of one’s unity with all.” [sarvādvaitapadasya vismrtanidheh prāptih prakāśodayah. ANUTTARASTIKĀ 4.]

In the same vein it can be said that the joy (ānanda) that we obtain in moksa is the natural joy of the Self, which we realize by easing ourselves from the crushing load of ignorance we are carrying.

Abhinavagupta further says, “The joy of moksa is not like the acquired pleasure of material wealth, women, and wine; [ānando na hi vittamadyamadavan naivāñganāsañgavat. IBID. ]  the joy of moksa is the joy of the freedom from the colossal sense of duality, like the joy of the unloading of a heavy weight.” [harṣaḥ saṁbhṛtabhedamuktisukhabhūr bhārāvatāropamaḥ. IBID.]
From the above treatment of moksa, two things become clear:

(a) moksa is not a physical acquisition but a realization, a remembrance, or a re-apprehension of the Self; and
(b) moksa is not a new acquisition; what we attain in moksa is already there — it is only a question of uncovering or discovering it. [ tadapararanameva hiparameśvaratālābho muktih -  Iswara Pratyabhijna Vimarshini 2.3.17]

Daily Affirmations

1. My body is a temple. All parts of my body are made by Goddess and are divine. They are seats of all powers: manifest and latent. They are the real Sakti Peethas.

2. Sex is sacred. It is the source of life. Genitals are sacred. I worship them as Siva and Sakti.

3. Sri Chakra is located in all the female genitals at the clitoris. It has been called the Jewel in the Lotus. It is most sacred, and secret, yet known to everyone. I worship the Sri Chakra, a circle of devotees to connect me to the source of cosmos.

4. Whatever whatever sins I committed, I did in a state of ignorance. Then I was in a hypnosis. Now I am awake. This awakened being did not commit those things. I do not feel shame, nor will I punish myself for what I was. Past is past, gone for ever. I forgive myself, as I forgive all others the wrongs they did tome. Now I can laugh at my mistakes, and others ignorance. Is a five year old less than a ten year old? All are evolving. I don’t have to hate ignorance. Darkness cant be where light is.

5. I love myself. I deserve love. I deserve riches. I deserve joy, happiness, health. I have them. I share them. I will see people’s happiness.

6. I will think of Goddess always. In my sadness, in my pleasure. More so in my pleasure, because that is when I tend to forget Her.

7. My mother, father, guru, guests, relatives and friends, and all help me; I express my gratitude for their help every day mentally and through actions. I will serve them with compassion.

8. Even my enemies have life; and life is Devi. So I respect them, forgive them, and try to look at their point of view and make friends. If I can’t do it, I will love them all the same, do not reject them, but maintain a respectful distance. My love does not expect that they should love me in return. It has no conditions attached. I share because I like sharing. That is all.

9. Expressing love through thought word and deed are the sure means for unlimited abundance, health, and pleasure. It is my birth right to enjoy these good things of life.

10. In every outgoing breath, my anxieties and worries are getting out. With every incoming breath, peace is coming in. I am happy here and now. I have plenty of energy flowing through me. I am enjoying bliss, energy, wealth, love and pleasure independent of external circumstances.

Mark those that appeal to you. Repeat them every day and make them your own. You will see your life change in perceptible ways.


What are my dreams?

My dear all,
Here is why I exist, and what my dreams are.

"There are two kinds of laws: those made by us and those made by Nature. As long as our laws match those of Nature, She will give us wisdom , bounty and creative purpose to our lives. When abused and raped, She turns violent.

I believe in the power of Nature as a loving Goddess. I have seen Her physically manifest once. She has been my mentor through decades of meditations . I could only wonder at Her impossibly perfect and dynamic beauty, passion for love and bounty of creativity. She made me build a temple for love (Rati) Kamakhya in the form of Her creative center. And another unique temple in the form of Her bosom called SriMeru for protecting and nourishing humanity. She has shown and taught me great ancient erotic practices cutting across world's Goddess cults which emphasize love over manipulation. Now She is asking me to build an international temple not confined by walls as a layer on internet.

She can be approached though many good deeds done in past lives, or by Her grace flowing through a wise guru. She made me create graphic learning modules for connecting to Her. She made me use technology as a means of initiation or immersion, and to accelerate learning curve. Her purpose is to promote quality of life.

What is my purpose? I believe that however small I am in the vastness of this world, yet there is a purpose and goal for my life. I made every effort to discover it and live by the truths I learned.
If you are like me, perhaps you would do the same. Your purpose and dreams may be different from mine, but all of them spring from the same fountain of care and love. Every one preaches love. It is high time we start walking the talk. We owe it to our future generations.

What are my dreams?

 I dream of Devipuram as a center for incubating dreams of a holy pilgrimage from birth to rebirth. I firmly believe that love comes from wisdom to overcome greed.
I dream of the days when every one can get pure water to drink. It can come from air even in a desert, with little help from Sun.
I dream when all people live in comfortable homes using solar cooling and heating.
I dream of the poor getting a light to study after the Sun has set.
I dream of not destroying the greenery on earth and saving oxygen which sustains life.
I dream of the days when all of us can hug each other with love and see the divine spark in all of us.
I dream of a generous world where the haves support the have nots. Are these empty pipe dreams? Let us probe a little. Internet technology for teaching being Natural, and its values through mobiles. Power of mantra goes through voice; it can be an audio file. Convergence of audio, document and video are being used to flip classes in distant education where course work is done at home instead of a class room and problem solving is done through conferencing. Mobiles go wherever you go. Learning happens at a place and time of your choice (even while driving to work), and at a speed comfortable to learn. Love can and should transcend boundaries of country, color, and creed.

I ask: if threats to nations could be delivered through a video, why not care and love be delivered through it? Instead of chastising China for dumping excellent but cheap solar panels to compete with grid, we can thank it for making its human resources available to solve power problems of the world.
Solar is green tech, preserves ecology for our descendents. It can provide clean water, comfort and power to increase time available for learning. And it moves capacity to dream and execute them from urban to rural areas, providing a level playing ground for big and small enterprises alike. I am trying to find out if you have similar dreams.

Amritananda, Devipuram

Just a point

Just a point, not to be seen or known? o I o ; No, also a mirror showing me to myself.
I am that ; What I see is myself, an image of me.
Curious. Who is that? Is it me?
Afraid. Is it dangerous to me?
I seek that; Desire is born, to be rid of fear
about my unknown other self.
I was my father and that was my mother.
aaahh-hhaaa! ; We became one with passion. What a release!
My first out of the body ejaculation!
I am the sperm seeking egg.
Also the egg waiting to receive it.
Breath . Center ; I start breathing through the navel.
How long? For ever? ; Latent experience of time
Can't say for how long
Floating. Hear sounds. ; Inside mother's tummy, senses forming
Can't breathe ; Birth process.
Some unkind force cut my breath.
I cry. Fluid gushed out.
I take my first breath.
An inspiration! My second pleasure!
Again I felt empty and sought eagerly for I don't know what.
Some thing poked into mouth. I sucked. Nectar poured into me
from my mother. And milk, the juice of life. I was never so happy.
I felt; I could drink milk for ever.
Alas, that was not to be. Milk ran out. Sucked and sucked, no juice came out. I get angry; I bit. Mother beat me. She would feed me something I don't like. Then she cuddles me, which I like, and tells me stories, I like them more than food. Slowly, I began to like that food too. Slowly I understand that I and my mother are not one any more. I recognize my father, but not as myself. Now, more misery than happiness.
I thought: I have three mothers and a father. The mother that gave birth to me, that fed me, that told stories and sang for me. I liked my father. He gives me presents, and takes me for rides. Mother always works. I don't like my father to shout at Her, or Her crying. I tell her, it will be alright. A day will come when he won't be angry with you for each and everything. A day will come when misery ends for every one. When father and mother are one again. I did not know how it wil happen, but I know it will.
Then I grow big. And years pass. Learning. Few times getting what I want. Then I was asking, why did I want it? Many times not getting what I wanted. At such times I asked; why was I born? To suffer misery all the time? Why are the bad people happy and good ones unhappy? Is there a God ? How could abundant Nature be so cruel too? I never got the right answers. Until I met Her.

She wore male clothes. But was female inside alright. She was called Venakati Iswara, meaning she was the Lord in the olden days. Now she is called Balaji, or Venkateswara.What a thrill went through my body when I met Her! I longed for Her. She did not fail me. She came to me. And taught me many things. Like how to read new books with closed eyes. How to walk on rainbows. Like how to make lotuses bloom and put fragrance. She kept company with me for twelve years. She told me, you see, we are all one. Pleasure is sacred. Cruelty is sin. I don't understand why cruelty can be shown publicly in media, but not pleasurable sex which is sacred. I don't like cruelty. I love life. I like you all to enjoy life openly. Yes, this is what she told me in so many beautiful ways. I forgot to tell you. She also told me she is ready to teach all who open up to Her. A life of enjoyment. Life is enjoyment, a commitment to joy. Life is a holiday. To make the holiday more enjoyable, you work some times. Why hide your joy and wear the masks of misery ? Except you humans, the whole of life is enjoying openly. Work is also pleasure. Pleasure of receiving, and pleasure of giving. Entertainment is an industry too. Love is the child of pleasure. The God of love is the son of pleasure.
I closed my eyes and saw. It was true. The kingdom of Goddess is inside me. I made an offering of thanks to Her. I built a temple for Goddesses as she directed me. Thousands will remove their masks everyday and enjoy fun. There is the place for fun as in the golden days of tantric Khajuraho. I did my job. I thought there was more to do. But she put the doubt in me. Do you have to do it ? Give somebody else a chance.

I am waiting for you. People will never leave you in peace. Die to the world, so that you don't have to do anything anymore. You be with me always. Because I love you. Let them worship you as me. Does it make a dfference by what name you are called ? God of the Seven Hills or Goddess of the Seven Seas ? Is there a high and low, up and down, left and right, life and death ? Only the dream play of time. Wakeup, from waking state! Enter me, I can't wait any longer. I close my eyes. So I can be with Her always. Do nothing. This is the point of no return. It is a one way street. I forgot how to talk or sign. Will someone do it for me, please?

Words of Kamakhya

“Listen!” Kamakhya said, “Here I am residing here with Ananda Bhairava (Shiva in his happy mood). As I am happy, I want to bless the devotees with the same happiness! So many centuries ago there were celebrations and happy rejoicing in this place of worship (Devipuram) with yagnas, Vedic chant and many offerings in the yagna. This place is that way invigorating to the people who visited here. It gave the devotees a religious pervour and filled their minds with total and Supreme blissful Consciousness (Chid Ananda paripurna prakasam). This  place once again needs to be made into the place of religious worship and it is you who will help me to do it! You have to carry the task of rediscovering this place! The social scene is highly polluted now. Many have become slaves of the materialism which turns away from Self-realisation. They are like the Creator who fell in love with his own creation!

The act of union in love as the Root of Creation has become ridiculed out of lust and egoistic passion since the Divinity of the Love is lost in the temporary act of satisfying the momentary egoistic needs (indriya prakopam). Therefore the atheists are  sneering when sringara (loving for love sake) is mentioned anywhere in any context. All these misconceptions, greed and the falsehood are making life miserable for such people. Because of such behaviour they are loosing peace and hence cannot find happiness. This, so called "right social behaviour", is causing them to experience so much unease and misery! All this should change! Before these arrogant people become degraded even further, they should be taught or reminded of the easy comfortable genuine way of life. So that they can become happy and have enough time to think beyond their egoistical concerns. Reach out to those who are fortunate enough to help themselves!

The institution of marriage can be taken as an example. People through generations and time immemorial have believed in a marriage,  but with a different understanding: These ancient marriages of love were the ones which sanctified religious duties there; Now the marriages are mere acts of egoistical convenience and gain! Hence one should not be binded on the couple. In ancient times it was a way of life -  now it is a mere act of loveless life! It is time for people to understand the beauty and comfort of co-existence to bring children who are happy, well behaved and self satisfied and altruistic! It is the need of modern time.

Shringara is nothing but the preparation or getting ready for the union of the couple in love. Also decorating oneself in the most beautiful appealing way. (What the present generation calls "makeup") In the ancient times love was one of the sixty four arts of life (chatushasti kalas) that one should know for happy living that is successful. Nowadays the word is translated as lust, which is demeaning the art to its lowest degree.

Shringara is known in the ancient literature as Kamakala. It resides in the muladhara chakra -  coming down via Sushamna nadi as a Vaikhari Shabda. Through it person is identified with the Earth. This type of a planned out creation and its execution is beautiful and ecstatic!

In the human body Muladhara is the seat of creation. From the Supreme Void, the Supreme Consciousness identifies itself as Sun and Moon energy and also the Fire energy and enters the human body through Sushamna. The Muladhara works through the South Pole on the Earth, and in Solar system through Saturn. The Muladhara is four-petaled Lotus where each petal represents one Veda or four sides of the Earth.

Here, on the Earth in its Bija (seminal) form rides an elephant holding an infant in Her lap. This infant is none other than Lord Shiva Himself. Therefore, here we are called "Batukas". The Elephant is ‘Iravat’. Iravat is the vahana of Indra which means "lightning". When two heavy clouds rub against each other lightning is generated as a result. This is nothing but the inherent electrical discharge. Thus the Iravat represents the imminent seed of the Earth.

The Muladhara is also seat of Swayabhu in a Linga rupa (self created phallus). It has  the red form. This is the subliminal aura that manifests itself from the homogenous Consciousness (Para Sakthi). It is a static energy of the Lord Ishwara. The Shiva Linga of the lore. He is self-created, But He creates everyting. This is the truth of life. This is also the duality of the creation too.

At Kamakhya (The Devipuram) the God appeared like that. The water hole with a depth of 6 feet with the Shivalinga, and the Triangular shape that surrounds it confirms the fact that it is the representation of Muladhara centre. Here Devi appeared as Universal Creation, the Universal Mother (Yoni), Universal father (Linga), The seat of all creation (Vishva Yoni).

Hence, there is no place for lust here. Here exists only controlled behaviour, which is divine. Shringara control in the love play is something that common man would not understand. This is an oxymoron. But it was the traditional behaviour of the Rishis (The seers).

When it happens, the materialistic approach disappears. The Love is expressed and experienced in a controlled manner. This control means more energy. The energy in the body that exists in the Muladhara centre travels upward through the Sushumna Nadi towards Visuddhi chakra where it transforms into positive energy -  kinetic energy  - which further travels upward towards Sahasrara where it becomes the light energy which emanates, as a Halo, or aural emanation which is pleasant and energizing light energy.

“Visukra prana harana Varahi Virya vandhitha” – Lalitha Sahasranama

The above mantra explains the concept fully. This concept is explained with the description of the Lalitha's assignment of Varahi as one of Her Commander-in-Chiefs who is Killing the Bhandasura in the war. Visukra and Vishanga are the commanders of the Bhandasura - they are like two arms of him. While they were invincible they were also 2 roots of sin. They create sinful behaviour with their influence on the human mind. Visukra misleads people in the sphere of their sexuality and leads them to a prostitution and other acts of lust. Vishanga aids him in these transgressions. Varahi killed these two by controlling the human sexual behaviour and directing it in the direction of Visudhi chakra and Sahasrara chakra. In the process the human being is receiving the conserved potential of the Shukra (male semen) energy and evolving it to a higher level.

...The humanity is in need of direction. They need a leader to lead them into the righteous path. I am here with this explicit purpose.  I need a tool to fulfill the job. You are the tool. I want you to take up this job. I will be with you. I know the society will come at you ridiculing, unbelieving, criticizing you, your methodology and the very concept. Since it is not explicit. They want an explanation from you. They are hard to convince. They may feel betrayed, they may get angry with you and they may try to punish you. Put you behind bars or even terminate you? But why are you afraid? These are all the actions one has to face to carry out a good deed. Are you afraid of getting behind bars? But you are already encaged by Buddhi, Ahamkara and Ego? Are you afraid of death? But this is not your first birth nor the last one. You were born before you will be born later. One more death how does it mater? Be brave and enterprising. Take the job and be my tool. I will lead you! Come with me! We shall work together. This place will soon become a religious citadel which will protect, improve  spiritual and mental health of people!